Cuticare Cream 15g


CUTICARE CREAM is a combination of three drugs: Miconazole (Anti-fungal), Neomycin (Antibiotic) and Fluocinolone (Corticosteroid). CUTICARE CREAM is used to treat skin infections.

Special Instructions for CUTICARE CREAM
1. CUTICARE CREAM is for external use only.
2. Clean and dry the affected area before applying CUTICARE CREAM. Wash your hands after applying CUTICARE CREAM to the affected area. Do not wash hands if you are using CUTICARE CREAM on hands.
3. Apply CUTICARE CREAM in prescribed dose and duration as advised by your doctor/pharmacist.
4. Avoid contact of CUTICARE CREAM with sensitive areas of body including eyes, mouth, nose. If accidentally contact occurs, wash the contacted area with water immediately.
5. Do not use CUTICARE CREAM on broken or damaged skin.
6. Stop using CUTICARE CREAM and consult your doctor if your skin becomes irritated or sensitive after applying CUTICARE CREAM.
7. You are advised not to apply CUTICARE CREAM to other areas of your body other than what your doctor has prescribed.
8. Do not hesitate to speak with your doctor if your condition does not improve.

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