Natural Essence Bamboo Charcoal Soap


Longrich Natural Essence Bamboo Charcoal Soap (3 bars in a pack) offers the following features:

Excellent in fighting acne and pimples
It relaxes the nerves
The coconut oil content preserves moisture and moistens the skin. The anti-aging content reduces wrinkles , especially around the eyes region
It effectively cleanses and unclogs pores, eliminating impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin leaving radiant, tender and smooth.
It does not tone, but restores the skin complexion to its original state
It can be perfectly used on the skin after a shave
It prevents body odour
It contains natural anti-microbial and final properties

For the effective use of longrich bamboo soap, wet the soap with water, apply it on affected area, that is, area with blackheads, pimples and acnes or any other skin infection and spread over affected area with your palm.. Allow the bamboo soap to stay for 30mins (its better to apply it 30ng your bath). Wash off the affected area with water You can also apply it at night after having your bath following the procedure above and allow to stay overnight, that is, rinsing it off the next day. This process enhances fast action leaving the skin extremely fresh, bright and glowing

Remember to keep it moist on your face.

Consistently use it, dont miss days, especiall