e-Book:Who Should I Marry as a Believer?


This awesome life changing book WHO SHOULD I MARRY AS A BELIEVER? will enlighten all singles whether you are singular single, single parent, business entrepreneurs What marriage is all about, Who you should marry as a woman and signs to looks out for that the man has made up his mind to propose?
Who you should marry as a man and signs to shows that the woman will accept my marriage proposal? Errors that destroyed many relationships at infancy Some more reasons for lateness in marriage: Some important solutions to singleness How to Choose wisely, Prayer points against spirit of immoralities, things to confirm before saying yes I do to any marriage proposal, Why answers to my prayers is been delayed? And Conclusion
Songs of Solomon 2:7, Songs of Solomon 3:5, Songs of Solomon 8:4 says I charge you O daughters of Jerusalem, that you do not rouse or awake love until it is right.